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Italian Artist Combines Traditional Painting Techniques & 3D Printing

Posted by: | Posted on: June 30, 2016
Guido Salimbeni

Guido Salimbeni is an Italian contemporary art painter and 3D expert, producing oil paintings with traditional painting techniques combined with 3D printing technology. He adds a 3D printed element on the canvas aiming to introduce an optical illusion to the perception of depth, space, value contrast and color vibration.

While purists will no doubt feel uneasy by the transformation of traditional oil painting to include external 3D elements, the results obtained by Guido are outstanding as shown in the images below.
Italian contemporary art painters works combine oil painting and 3d printing

The Bird Splash Painting is another example featuring the 3D printed head and breast of a bird which memorizes when viewed from an angle!
The Bird Splash 3D printed painting - Combining art and 3D printing

As 3D printing technology becomes more widely available, artists like Guido are embracing it for a range of uses. 3D printing equipment is also now quite reasonably priced and easily accessible, even to the home user, via sites such as 3Dprinting.supplies which also provide reviews of 3D printing equipment and 3D print services.

Besides 3D printing, the artist has already used various other materials such as transparent resin to create the effects of water drops.

Asked recently in an interview by SiOTT Gallery (April 12, 2016) Guido Salimbeni was asked “is there is a specific theme or concept you keep in all your art work or does it change with each series?” His response shows his clear and ongoing commitment to using 3D printed elements and technology in his paintings…

Visual dynamism: a sense of tension and suspension, ambiguity and mystery. The concept is to explore the best way to achieve a vibrating perception of a pulse in space or emotion, often with a subject and composition that has elements of ambiguity, mystery or complexity. I always introduce 3d printed pieces on top of the canvas, to try to achieve and enhance the visual tension. These subtle 3d printed elements introduce optical illusions in terms of unclear, overlapping objects, distortion of depth and wider range of lighting values.


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